Abia State Security Fund (ASSF) is backed by Law No 4 of March 2020 as amended by the house of Assembly of Abia state, Nigeria.


The main purpose and objective of the Abia State Security Fund (ASSF) include but not limited to: 

Source for funds and equipment through ethical means from government at all levels, corporate and public organizations, formal & informal sectors, individuals and donor agencies (National and International) to support the State government funding capacity in the provision of equipment and welfare for security agencies and agents in Abia State. This is to enable the security agencies and agents in Abia State function diligently, effectively and efficiently in carrying out their various statutory responsibilities for a more secured and safer State.



The two major developmental projects embarked on by ASSF in the recent time entails:

  • Abia State Security Support/Resident Card (ASSRC)
  • Abia Safety Alert System (AB-SAS)



6. There is hereby established for the State, a Prepaid Security Support/Resident Card, hereinafter referred to as the "Security Support/Resident Card".

7. Every employed person above eighteen (18) years of age, resident, doing business in the State shall be required to possess and own the Security Support/Resident Card.

8. The benefits of the Security Support/Resident Card include but are not limited to:

(a) Reduction in the indiscriminate collection of security levies by various groups, organizations and individuals in the State.

(b) Creation of job opportunities in the form of card loading agents.

(c) Creation of a direct link for the Government to reach its indigenes or residents without third party involvement or interference for empowerment, employment opportunities, distribution of grants and aids etc.

(d) Check mating various unacceptable activities and business dealings by verification of identity claims of the card holder.

(e) Easy payment for goods and services through online platforms and P.O.S as cash can be loaded on the card by the banks.

9. (1) Every employed person as described in the Section (7) of this Law shall contribute into the State designated Security Fund Account, the
sum of Two hundred naira (N200.00) monthly as Security Support Fee

(2) Without prejudice to the provisions of Subsection (1) of this Section
a person may opt to pay annually, the sum of Two thousand, four hundred naira (2,400

(3) The fee shall be paid electronically using the security support card directly by the card holder or through an agent.


21. (1) It shall constitute an offence for any employed person to fail, refuse
or neglect to pay the security fee as provided in Section 9(1) of this Law, for two consecutive months.

(2) Anyone who commits an offence referred to in Subsection (1) of this Section shall on conviction be liable to a term of imprisonment for 2 months or to a fine of N30,000 (thirty thousand naira) only or both.

22. (1) Any Ministry, Department and Agency of the State Government that fails, refuses or neglects to deduct and pay the fee as provided in section 9 of this Law commits an offence.

(2) The officer responsible for the offence committed in Subsection (1) of this Section is liable on conviction to a fine of N250,000 (Two hundred and fifty thousand naira) or to imprisonment for a term of 6 months or both.

23. Any agent of the Fund who connives with an individual to defraud the Fund by refusing to pay the approved security fee is guilty of an offence and on conviction, pay to the Fund the necessary fees and forfeit his access as an agent of the Fund.

24. (1) The production. Acquisition, possession and usage of fake security support/resident card is hereby prohibited.

(2) Anyone who contravenes the provisions of Subsection (1) of this Section commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of N500,000 (Five hundred thousand naira) only or to a term of imprisonment for two years or both.


25. The arrest, detention and prosecution of offenders of the provisions of this Law shall be made by all recognized Security Agencies or as may be directed by the Co-ordinator in the discharge of his duties under this Law.

26. All persons living or doing business in the State shall show evidence or proof of payment of the security support fee through the Abia State Security Support/Resident Card before assessing any Government services or entitlements or benefits.

27. (1) Payment of the approved Security fees under this Law, shall cancel every other security fees paid to recognized Security Agencies or agents in the State by individuals or groups.

(2) Nothing in the foregoing Subsection shall deny any individual or group of person the services of any security agent as an added security.

28. The Abia State Security Fund Law No. 6 of 2007 and the Abia State Security Fund (Amendment No.1) Law No. 14 of 2015 are hereby repealed.