As part of the efforts of the Abia State Government towards enhancing seamless operations amongst security agencies and agents across the 17 Local Government Areas of the State, Abia Safety Alert System (ABSAS) was officially launched on the 22nd of December, 2020 by Governor Ikpeazu.  The multiagency security/safety application was designed to drive the need to enhance public safety among citizens and resident of the State at no cost.

In addition to the security features of the App, there are several additional unique features that boost the value proposition of the App. These ranges from enhancing public security, serve as electronic yellow page for business endeavours, public health management, property security and verification.

The ABSAS mobile App has two major categories that are interwoven (Citizens interface and the Officers interface). Making it possible for citizens participation in the business of security within the State. The result of this development is projected to cause a paradigm shift in driving home community policing agenda in Abia State and beyond. 

The major features of the ABSAS Mobile Application entails:

  • SOS for emergencies

  • File Report

  • Property Secure

  • Officer Locator

  • E-Notices

  • E-Directory

  • Management Access

  • Officer Guide etc


As it becomes compulsory for all Abians to use the ABSAS mobile App, accessing the App has been made available on Google playstore for Android users’ version 4.0 and above, using the search details "ABSAS Abia".

After the onboarding process has been completed, the features of the App become directly accessible for users to interface with different security agencies base on their security needs and others.



 It becomes pertinent to know that;

  1. It becomes a punishable offense by law to provide false information while registering on the ABSAS mobile APP.

  2. Do not trigger an SOS except there is an emergency issue you need timely intervention of security agents. It is also punishable by law to raise false alarm and it will be treated as such.

  3. While registering on the App, read all information provided carefully to guide you through the work process.

  4. Always read through the user guide feature provided in the App for quick understanding of the working principle.

  5. Don't forget to reach out to absassupport@gmail.com for all complain and issues noticed

  6. Follow on all social media handle to get the latest news about ASSF and ABSAS.